Fully Customizable Solution

Our solution is very versatile and all components (UI, content, animations) can be customized to satisfy your needs. We can implement complex scenarios with custom 3D animation and tailor-made 3D objects to display your content. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need inspiration or if you need additional views (Geo localization, input form, poll etc…).

Your Business Cards as a Marker

No need to make changes to your existing Business Cards as most designs will be recognized using Amudo’s technology. Your employees won’t have to update the printed version of their Business Cards. which will facilitate the deployment of our solution.

Dynamic Content With Live Update

Amudo’s solution allows your company to display your Tweets or Facebook posts posts in a very original and creative way. Our solution can adapt to all feed formats (RSS, Atom, custom) which increases the number of information sources that can be displayed. App can also connect to your backend or API for more advanced features..

Augmented Reality New “Dimension”

Augmented Reality view will generate additional traffic toward your online content. Thanks to the 3D environment that will be overlaid on top your Business Card there is no limit to the type and amount of content that can be displayed. You just need to think of Augmented Reality as a wide-open window to a new dimension!

Get our Augmented Reality Business Card solution now and stand out from the crowd!